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  • What is Mission:Unite about?

    Organised jointly with the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth, Mission:Unite is a hackathon that spans across two weekends that seeks to spur youths to identify challenges and ideate ways to bring about greater social compact. Through the hackathon, participants will be able to work on their ideas and engage with speakers, mentors and experts who will help them along their journey. Find out more information about the hackathon here!
  • Who can participate in Mission:Unite?

    There is no criteria or age limit to join as a participant! We welcome all that are passionate in building solutions to strengthen social cohesion to join us! Our only ask is that you be respectful, open-minded and tolerant when different perspectives are raised to provide a conducive environment for the hackathon!
  • What is the cost to attend the hackathon?

    It is Free of Charge (FOC)! The idea is to encourage people to come together to solve and address some of the most interesting issues in and around social, racial and religious topics. Do refer and encourage your friends to join and hack away!
  • Do I need an idea to join Mission:Unite?

    You will not need an idea to join Mission:Unite! In fact, the hackathon would be the perfect opportunity for you to find like-minded individuals to ideate along issues that are of interest to you! You can also bring along friends to join the hackathon, and use the resources and community provided through the weekend to develop your ideas!
  • Do I join as an individual or as a group?

    You can join as an individual or as a group, but eventually you should be in teams made up of 3-5 members to participate in the hackathon! Do join the collaboration platforms (link can be found in your eventbrite confirmation email), to start early to find your potential team mates!
  • What role can I play in Mission:Unite?

    We are looking for participants that fall within the following categories:
    • Hustler: Individuals who are resourceful and strong communicators, passionate in bridging divides across race and religion, and have the know-how to get an idea off the ground! 
    • Developer: Individuals with coding and programming expertise, who can leverage technology to bring ideas to life!.
    • Designer: Individuals with design skills and strong sense of aesthetics, who can execute UI/UX design, and create user-centric products to effectively translate the idea through visuals!
    If you fall within these categories, we want you to join us and you can register for the hackathon here!
  • How will the hackathon be conducted?

    Mission:Unite will be mainly conducted virtually, but if you do make it to the top 10 teams you will be invited to join us for the finale that will be held physically on 5th December 2020, with the appropriate safe distancing measures in place!
  • How will the grant funding be allocated to the ten teams?

    A panel of judges will score the ideas pitched. Three teams will receive project grants of up to $50,000 each. Seven teams will receive project grants of between S$10,000 and S$30,000.


  • All I have is an idea. Which programme can I join?

    We are always on a lookout for high potential teams to join us in our programmes. Check our programmes page to see which one fits you. If you cannot think of which one to apply for, reach out to us anyway, and we will do our best to help you.
  • I have applied for one of your programmes. When will I hear back?

    The timeline of each of our programmes is on the respective programme page. If your application has been shortlisted, our team will reach out to you before the programme begins to get to know you better.
  • I am a solo founder. Can I apply to your programmes or do I need a team before I apply?

    Team applications with founders that have a complementary skill set would stand a better chance. However, you can also apply to our programmes as a solo founder. Check our programmes page to find the best fit for you.
  • Can I apply to more than one programme?

    Yes, you can apply to more than one of our programmes. In the event that you have been selected for more than one programme happening concurrently, we would make the final selection based on the fit of your team. As you progress along your startup journey, we welcome you to apply for our other programmes.
  • Is my intellectual property protected if I join one of your programmes?

    Yes, we treat the information in the applications as confidential information. You own all rights to your intellectual property during and after you participate in our programme.
  • Does StartupX invest in my business if I join one of your programmes?

    There is no guarantee of investment if you take part in our programmes. Whether we invest in your startup or not depends on the structure of the programme you are part of and also the ongoing evaluation and fit.
  • My company has already raised some funding. Am I still eligible to apply?

    Yes, we have programmes that fit whichever stage your venture is at. Check our programmes page to find the best fit for you.
  • I have some questions before I apply. How can I reach out to you?

    You can reach out to us through this form and let us know if you have any questions.
  • I would like to partner with you on your programmes. How can I reach out to you?

    We are always on the lookout for partners that align with our vision and commitment towards the ecosystem. You can submit this form to start a conversation with us on partnership.
  • I see that the deadline for the programme application has passed. I want to apply. What should I do?

    We usually close the applications when the deadline has passed. However, you can reach out to us through this form and indicate your interest to participate. Although we can’t promise anything, we will let you know if there are any opportunities that fit you.
  • I am not in Singapore currently. If I get accepted to one of your programmes, will you help with my visa application?

    Yes, if the programme requires your physical presence in Singapore, if you get accepted, we will work with you to get your visa application approved. However, we cannot promise the outcome of your visa application.
  • I am a part-time founder. Does that affect my application to your programmes?

    Yes, you can apply to our programmes as a part-time founder. Check our programmes page to find the best fit for you.

Startup SG Founder Grant

  • Who is eligible to apply?

    You can find more details on the eligibility criteria for the grant here.
  • What is the process for the grant application?

    All interested applicants are to apply through the form. We will contact all successful applicants within 5 business days. If your startup is shortlisted, we will work with your team to refine and sharpen the business proposal and develop appropriate milestones. StartupX will proceed to issue a Letter of Recommendation, for the team to proceed to submit the application to Enterprise Singapore (ESG) through FORMSG.  If your application is approved by ESG, the grant will be disbursed in 2 tranches based on agreed project milestones. You will have up to 12 months from the date of the letter of offer to meet the milestones to draw down the second tranche of the grant.
  • Is there any industry that is ineligible for the grant?

    The following business sectors are ineligible for the grant: cafes, restaurants, night clubs, lounges, bars, foot reflexology, massage parlours, gambling, prostitution, social escort services, employment agencies (including recruiting foreign work permit holders and workers/support staff, relocation services, and manpower services), and geomancy.
  • I am a solo founder. Am I eligible for the grant?

    Under the revised scheme that took effect from 25th September 2020, startups that wish to tap on the Startup SG Founder grant would need a minimum of two first time-founders.
  • How much should I raise on my own for the co-matching option to be activated?

    The grant provides up to $50,000 to entrepreneurs by matching $5 to every $1 raised by the entrepreneur. To receive the maximum limit of the grant, you need to raise at least $10,000.
  • Will StartupX help me raise the $10,000 required for the co-matching?

    The co-matched amount should be raised by the company, with StartupX to provide support in the form of mentorship and administration of the grant.
  • Will there be an administration fee for the application?

    For applicants applying through StartupX, there will be no fee involved nor equity taken from the applicants.
  • What do we get if we help you apply?

    As an accredited mentor partner, StartupX is committed to supporting the development of the local startup and innovation ecosystem. We do not gain anything materially out of helping you with the application, and our greatest reward would be to see and enable more promising early stage ventures take flight.


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