CNY Marketing Activities in Singapore: A Comparison between GrabPay & Google Pay

Singapore shares similar cultural contexts to China, with a majority of the Singaporean population being ethnic Chinese. Major festivals like the Spring Festival are hence celebrated on a large scale locally with similar traditions and themes. Therefore, during Chinese New Year, we observe that festival promotions in China are mirrored in Singapore as companies employ […]

E-Commerce Packaging: It Needs to Be Better

95% of all purchases are predicted to be transacted through e-commerce by 2040. Let that sink in. Although this is just a prediction by a Nasdaq study, the numbers are convincing enough to show the significant growth in e-commerce retail over the future, as global sales will jump from 4.28 trillion USD in 2020 to […]

How 2 Chinese Streamers Sold 5 BILLION USD Worth of Merchandise in Half A Year

Nowadays, the vast majority of the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of livestreaming e-commerce platforms is contributed by top livestreamers. These livestreamers belong to different multi-channel network (MCN) institutions, who provide resources for new livestreamers, and make profits by boosting e-commerce platforms’ sales through their massive promotional campaigns. Although the livestreamers market is highly competitive, it […]

Explained: The Booming Livestreaming E-commerce Industry in China

In the first two decades of the 21st century, China has shifted from the PC era to the mobile internet era and is currently transitioning to the industrial internet era. This opens up an online ecosystem for the whole industrial supply chain, thereby creating a new way for consumers to shop, namely e-commerce. E-commerce, as […]