Robb Report’s 2021 list of Thought Leaders: Quah Zheng Wei

In Quah Zheng Wei’s wildest dreams, he would be an immortal. “I want to experience different eras and learn about things that I would otherwise not be able to learn in such a short lifespan,” he says.

Climate Changepreneurs Feature – Morgane Soret

“It’s only 1 plastic toothpaste tube…” said 8 billion people! On this episode, we chat with Morgane Soret who is the CEO & Co-Founder @ NOICEcare. NOICE develops effective, all-natural, sustainable oral care products that are good for your teeth & good for the planet, starting with zero-waste toothpaste delivered right to your doorstep.

Prestige’s 40 Under 40: Durwin Ho

While Durwin was an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS), he spent a year at Stanford University under the NUS Overseas College programme. It was during his work experience at Stanford that Durwin, who later earned an MBA at NUS, started his journey in tech and start-ups.

The Peak Power List 2021: Oh Chu Xian

A wide-eyed girl running around construction sites is quite unusual. But that was how Oh Chu Xian spent her weekends while bonding with her father and grandfather, who were busy with their construction business that supplied aggregates for roads and buildings. During their free time, her grandparents and she would go around feeding the stray […]

In Conversation with Joyce Tan

“Success is personal and it looks different for everyone.” This perspective led Joyce TAY (Statistics 2010) to take the leap of faith from a corporate career to the unknowns of entrepreneurship. She co-founded StartupX, an innovation and venture enabler in 2018, and has not looked back since.

Temasek Review – Paying it Forward: Mentoring for Resilience

With innovative ideas that can create huge impact on communities, young people hold a wealth of potential. Thus, a nurturing environment and proper support for these young entrepreneurial talents could help their ideas take flight and enable them to reach greater heights. Read on to learn about what both mentors and mentees feel about mentoring, […]

Here’s how these youths try to make hard conversations about race easier

In a hackathon last year organised by StartupX and the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth (MCCY) called Mission:Unite, teams were tasked to explore solutions for how to connect people with diverse racial and religious backgrounds to encourage social cohesion. Youthopia spoke to two out of the ten finalist teams of the hackathon to find out […]

Uncovering the NOC mafia, which is way bigger than you think

The National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Overseas Colleges program, NOC for short, has provided much support for many home-grown startup founders. Its role in Singapore’s startup ecosystem is crucial, especially with extensive global networks. Hear more from NOC alumni and their experiences in this @Techinasia article.

Startup Weekend Singapore: Developing groundbreaking solutions to the most pressing sustainability challenges of today

The world has reached a tipping point in climate change and we are all painfully aware of it. The worldwide response to Covid-19 where governments, businesses, and individuals came together to rapidly develop innovative solutions and implement policies to tackle a heart-wrenching pandemic gives us hope in the power of human collaboration. Nothing, it seems, […]

Ottodot is encouraging active and immersive learning amid a changing education landscape

Children today are exposed to all kinds of stimuli. Today’s young generation are digital natives, meaning they never encountered a world without the internet, without computers, and without smartphones. Information is accessible at the tap of a screen. While this means unbridled access to information, the focus on efficiency requires something to keep learners curious. […]

Oh Chu Xian: Covid-19 Has Worsened The Single-Use Plastic Waste Problem

Listed among this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Oh Chu Xian started Magorium to recycle plastic waste, which is then added to bitumen to subsequently produce asphalt for road construction. Called NewBitumen, this innovation isn’t just kinder to our environment but also produces road surfaces that last longer. Oh, a business management graduate from […]

Replication of small-scale successes is often the most secure way to grow [Q&A with Yann LeMoël for Startup Weekend Singapore 2021]

Startup Weekend Singapore 2021: Seeds of Tomorrow was held from April 23rd to 25th in Singapore, with a focus on sustainability. Yann LeMoël, an angel investor and the Founder of Living Labs Federation, was a mentor at the event, which was joined by innovators from over 21 cities from around the globe to drive awareness and innovation […]

Want To Be Your Own Boss? Here Are 8 Booming Business Ideas In S’pore To Execute In 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has badly impacted the job market in Singapore, with pay cuts, retrenchments, as well as salary and hiring freezes.  

Innovative ideas take flight at the 5th P.A.K. Challenge

Coming in second place with a prize of $12,000 was Team Augmentus from National University of Singapore (NUS)  with their idea of a unified and code-free industrial robot programming software enabling non-technical users to develop and deploy robots with high speed and accuracy.  

This 26-Year-Old Started A Dating Service In Singapore

Like many Singaporean millennials, Lee Jing Lin once thought online dating would be the solution to finding love in this digital age.