5G: Transforming our lives with these high growth industries

IHS Markit views 5G as a booming market, on par with the steam engine, printing press and electricity, and predicts that its real gross domestic product will reach the size of India’s economy by 2035. How will 5G write the next chapter of the future? 5G is the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, […]

Insect farming company wins social enterprise start-up of the year at President’s Challenge awards

Insect Feed Technologies won the Social Enterprise Start-up of the Year at the 6th biennial President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Awards (PCSEA) ceremony on Thursday (Dec 2). The company also hired elderly workers who were displaced during the pandemic, providing jobs like farm operators.

NUS grad rejected Google job and now builds floating gardens

Mr Muhammad Ibnur Rashad Zainal Abidin started an innovation lab for social and environmental good with just $7,000 in seed funds, despite getting a job offer from Google in 2011.

Robb Report’s 2021 list of Thought Leaders: Quah Zheng Wei

In Quah Zheng Wei’s wildest dreams, he would be an immortal. “I want to experience different eras and learn about things that I would otherwise not be able to learn in such a short lifespan,” he says.

Outside App

Childhood friends turned startup dream team, Outside is connecting businesses and individuals by providing a secure one-stop platform for both finding paid opportunities and obtaining labour for services.      

Outside: A Singapore tech startup that is connecting people during times of limited interaction

From helping a taxi uncle with his taxes to delivering cupcakes for home bakers, Outside is an app that can do all of that.